Love Hope Style…need I say more? Why yes. Yes I do.

This is my new favorite shirt.
The girl’s fit is very flattering to the female physique, and for those of you who either are men, or care about men’s fashion and clothes, they have a men’s version too!

Now let me tell you what makes this so very fabulous (aside from the cute fit).

First off – it’s fair trade, naturally. The company, Intrinsic, provides jobs to people living in the slums of Kibera, Kenya. This allows the people to break the cycle of poverty and provides more opportunities from the youngest to the oldest members of their families.

Secondly – the company is committed to using only locally sourced production materials. This, in turn, creates more jobs along the supply chain.

Lastly – Intrinsic is investing in its employees beyond just jobs. The company’s founder, Steven, states that “The slum was full of creative and skilled people with ingenuity and initiative. Despite the difficulty of their circumstances, they did whatever they could to overcome their obstacles. They’re dreamers. They just lack the opportunity to thrive.” So, Intrinsic provides training classes in finance, business, media, and computers. This helps enhance their own small businesses as well as provide marketable job skills. This, in turn, will continue to empower and create more opportunities. From barely surviving to thriving, indeed.

Want one?? This is shirt is just $24 and makes a powerful statement. The company also has other products including laptop carriers, tablet holders, and super cute bracelets. (I will get referral credits if you join. it’s free!) or

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