Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ReBagz… wait, what? A 25% off discount code is included!

It’s kind of hard to get it in gear on Monday mornings, don’t you think? I am just so excited for the nip in the air that says “Fall is here!” (and the kid in me that says “YAY! That means Christmas will be here before too long!” and the adult in me that says “Yikes! Christmas will be here before WE EVEN KNOW IT.”)

Part of my ambition for starting this blog is to influence people reading these posts to think of fair trade options when shopping for themselves AND for gifts. So, as you read the things I put out here, think of gifts for others too! I am hoping to highlight options FOR EVERYONE so you can join me in this upcoming gift season of giving gifts that are socially and eco-responsible.

Which brings me (finally!) to the point of this post, which is to highlight ReBagz. How could any “fashionista” consider themselves fashionable without supporting a company that pairs smart style WITH sustainability? ALL of their bags are made using recycled materials (mainly recycled juice boxes and rice bags), and they’re as human-friendly as they are eco-friendly because ReBagz are all made under fair labor conditions. I have a purse that was part of their “Juicy Woven” line which has (unfortunately) been discontinued. I honestly can’t go anywhere without receiving compliments on that bag! (Side note: I gave serious consideration to buying a bunch of them and selling them out of my trunk.) (Side note #2 [it’s going to be a two cup of fair trade coffee kind of morning]: I also believe this bag helped get me out of a traffic ticket. And I got to spread the fair trade love message too! Thank you Assistant District Attorney for having a great sense of style and asking about my bag!) Anyway, check out this fabulous laptop carrier that is of the same design.


It’s currently on sale for $49.

And what do you think of this shoulder bag? You’ll turn heads for sure while being totally on trend with this season’s bright colors. (don’t you just LOVE the electric blue we’re seeing everywhere?)


It’s only $39!

And for the man, son, nephew, or covert Star Wars fan (you get the point) in your life? This “galaxy” wallet is sure to steal the show!


Only $22.50! I have gifted this to a special someone and he thinks it’s out of this world! (bad pun intended)

So there you have it, friends. And possibly the most exciting part of this post? Aside from the difference you’ll be making by shopping ReBagz, who have been highlighted on the TODAY show because of their mission AND style? Through Wednesday, September 26 ReBagz is having their Fall Blowout Sale and are offering 25% OFF EVERYTHING! Just enter hellofall at checkout! Carry on (yes, another bad pun. it is Monday, after all) fair trade shoppers!

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