Indigenous: a review of fairly traded style and comfort

Have you ever had one of those times when you see something you love, but can’t purchase at that time? So then you start cyber-stalking the company? You know… “like” the Facebook page, follow on twitter for every mention and hopeful giveaway, random google search with “sale + (highly desired piece or store name).” No shame in my game. That’s what I’d been doing. For. Months.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Indigenous (finally) post that they were looking for “fashionable folks to help style some of [their] favorite pieces.” So I nominated myself, naturally. Within moments of their post. (Not like I was sitting there waiting for that very thing or anything.) I got the email response lickety split that they would love to send me my favorite piece from three choices. And I? I almost peed my pants. Because you know what that means? I get to do my first product review with an amazing company that inherently has style and comfort AND IS Fair Trade Fashion! (and had just happened to have been the object of my style affection for a more than a few months…) Oh Indigenous… could I love you more?


You know you’ve found the pinnacle of comfort when your 5 year old politely says “Mom! I love your outfit. Is it a shirt or a blanket??” On the cold day that I met my fine photographer friend, Elizabeth, this poncho served as both!


I am not someone who loves to have their picture taken, but this was actually fun! And the Novelty Poncho? Methinks it totally rocks with skinny cords and riding boots. It’s this awesome merle color with violet and is super soft, hand loomed, organic cotton. The craftsmanship is remarkable. I have also worn it with ballet flats and a white button down shirt underneath. I didn’t have a photographer follow me that day though. (I also learned that day that fringe and baking do not necessarily go well together. You don’t want anything dangling when you are reaching into a hot oven or cooking on a gas range. Flames + Fringe = Potential Danger. My PSA.)

So let’s talk about why I am currently obsessed with Indigenous. defines “indigenous” as having originated in and being produced, growing, or living naturally in a particular region or environment. Indigenous believes that fashion should go deeper than what meets the eye. That it all starts with a single thread. Naturally born. No harmful chemicals. Low Impact.   organic clothing. Their products are all woven with respect for tradition, by artisans who are paid a fair and living wage for their work. This sets them apart and makes them “worth wearing, worth supporting, and worth talking about.”

Another thing that’s PRET-TY cool is the tag. It has the nifty QR Code on the back which you can scan and watch a couple of videos that are less than 2 minutes each. In them, you learn a little more about the company and the artisans who work on their products. What can I say? I love to see the people who made the very item I’m wearing smiling and hear that they enjoy their jobs and feel like they get to use their natural creativity in their work. It just makes my heart feel happy to know that. 

And y’all know what else? My cyber-stalking may pay off for you too! I found out that Indigenous is partnering with Ecouterre for a $200 shopping spree. Check it out here to enter!

“Every Indigenous purchase is a step toward fairness and opportunity for all.” Amen.

One thought on “Indigenous: a review of fairly traded style and comfort

  1. sometimes these blogs make me wonder who I really married. ;) great review, very passionate and energetic (and… no typos this tyme, methinks 😉

    I think you really “earned” their mini-investment w/ the “fabulous” advertisement/review here. nice job!


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