Made in the USA

My dad, and his dad too for that matter, are hard core, American-bred, American-made kind of guys. That’s usually top of mind when they go to buy anything – cars…tires… guns (and that pretty much sums up what they shop for). Anyway, I can certainly appreciate wanting to “keep the jobs at home.” The great (or perhaps not so great? – depends on who you ask) thing about American-made is that there are usually, at a minimum, unions in place that dictate minimum wages, hours, etc. So it’s kind of like “fair trade.” So I’ve been scoping out some cool options for shopping “Made in the USA” for gifts, since it oftentimes feels like that kind of tag will go the way of the unicorn. Did you know that every dollar you spend on USA made goods impacts our economy ten-fold???

Kyler by Joy O: Joy, the creator uses high-quality, recycled metals from the USA, and plant a tree for every order. Made in San Francisco. HOLIDAY SALE only $38 for rosy bronze and golden brass through 12/10 (will be $48).  PLUS you get $10 off all cuffs AND 10% off 2 or more cuffs in ANY metal with the code CUFFSTACK

Kyler Joy

the makery: totally local to me. Everything sold here is made in my great state of North Carolina. There are some exceptional pieces here from jewelry, bags, pillows, random home goods. One question. Could this here (below, center) be any more awesome?

Makery Collage

Military Apparel Company: gives the Military Uniform a second chance as a carefully crafted, tangible display of Pride allowing you to keep your American Hero by your side. They create custom, meaningful bags and accessories crafted from personal military uniforms while giving back to the Military and their families.

MAC collage

Established Signs: Handmade signs that, through your purchase, feeds a child all at the same time. Lots of different college signs, words to songs, custom date/family name signs. Such sweet hearts behind this company. They close up shop December 15 for the year.ESTSIGNSCollage


Open Arms: a “social enterprise”, sustainable, for-profit company working that employees refugee women living in Austin, TX. They have some great choices made from recycled T-shirts!

openarms Collage


Raleigh Denim:  Super hip little husband/wife duo that makes limited edition jeans, using local materials and traditional construction methods, in their downtown Raleigh, NC workshop. Pricey, but super cool.raleighdenim Collage


Green Toys: makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet. greentoys Collage


MIUS Collection: an online boutique whose sole focus is to bring together America’s talent and creativity in fashion to the forefront, and their mission is to explore the 50 states, searching for emerging designers and originality in order to bring together a superb collection of USA made clothing and apparel. From browsing the site, I’d say they’ve succeeded! Prices are great too! Take a look:


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