The only thing that stinks is if you are what you gift…

Anyone sitting there scratching your head about those last few “hard to shop for” relatives and friends? Yeah, me neither. 

Well, hypothetically, if I were sitting here doing last minute shopping, I’d seriously think about supporting Oxfam, an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty; hunger; and injustice, if for no other reason than I can gift this: 




“No need to feel like a stinker when you give manure to a loved one…” These marketing geniuses have one upped Santa Claus’ coal in the stocking by giving shoppers the opportunity to purchase a donation of manure, which Oxfam gets to impoverished farmers who need it most. (Organic manure increases crop yields and is cheaper, greener, and safer than chemical fertilizers.) This is a fun, and reasonably priced gift to pass along to your uncle, boss or employees (it’s better than a year’s subscription to “jelly of the month” club!), or at those annoying, yet endearing, white elephant gift exchange parties. 

There are lots of other gifts too! You can purchase tools, books for kids, bicycles, and even give a hill of beans. Just go to 

  • Pick your gift
  • Your friend or loved one gets a free card
  • Your gift helps someone in need

And since you’re last minute shopping, eCards and downloadable cards are available at checkout! Now, go get that very last minute shopping done and “show your loved ones that you really ‘give a $%@#’ for our planet.” or pack a punch by giving twice as much!

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