Boot, scoot (but no) boogie (Review of Roma boots)

Thanks to the winter storm Khan (when did they start naming winter storms?), our area of the great state of North Carolina received quite a bit of ice. Which stinks. It’s impossible to drive in, walk on or play in. The only silver lining is that I have the perfect excuse to break out my Roma boots! Because, as every one knows, ice melts. And then you’re just left with water, water, everywhere. I posted about my pre-Christmas steal on these boots here. I love this company because they

combine fashion with charity to fight the cycle of poverty afflicting street children and orphans by bringing them hope, love and lasting change in the most sustainable and practical way. For every pair of Roma Boots sold, a brand new pair is donated to a child in need.

Moreover, 10% of all sales proceeds go to the Roma For All Foundation. Our goal is to not only provide aid, but an education: By doing so we will empower these children to break out of their cycle of poverty so that they can contribute their gifts and talents to society and help make this world a better place.

And I love that they one up TOMS by being fairly traded and they’re made from all natural materials – rubber. I bragged on Facebook today that I’d be sporting them, and my sweet friend, Beth asked for pictures. I didn’t have my friend Elizabeth nearby, so I took my husband ’round back of our house for a few impromptu shots.


(Although far from model material, this is my “brooding model stance.” Had to do it since every time I looked at my husband, I laughed. This is my favorite sweatshirt ever. Fairly traded, assembled in the USA from Sevenly supporting adoption. It says “All they need is love” I have a review dedicated solely to Sevenly coming up from my friend, Wynne. She’s so boss. I can’t wait to share it with you. My hat is from Krochet Kids. Another review forthcoming.)

As for the Roma boots? They fit well. I love pull on boots. I am so over zippers. They are also plenty roomy in the calves. I know some women have a problem with that, but you likely wouldn’t with these. They do run big, so I ordered an 8. I typically wear an 8.5, sometimes 9. These fit just right in the length. There is plenty of tread providing great traction. They are not insulated, so if you were wearing them in snow or extreme cold, you’d want to be sure to add multiple layers underneath. And since they are one thick ol’ piece of structured rubber on each foot, they are not the most flexible shoes I’ve ever worn. They are great for their function and even their form! They look good on – not too bulky, and you can select glossy or matte finish, but you wouldn’t want to wear them hiking because of the restriction to the ankles. They’re perfect for running the kids in and out of school in the rain, and served me well this icy afternoon.

Overall, they are worth the price paid, knowing they are fairly traded and provide shoes to kids in need, and Roma’s resolve to sow in to children’s education in areas of the world where education is deemed a luxury not a right. You can also buy them in kid’s sizes! I hope they wipeout Hunter boots as being the “go to” source for rain boots!

2 thoughts on “Boot, scoot (but no) boogie (Review of Roma boots)

  1. I bought these Roma boots for the same reasons as you but I have been disappointed. Please let us all know if these boots hold up for you. I am on my third pair in four months. Holes/leaks in every one of them. The company was great about replacements but never the less I have three pairs that are unusable in wet weather. I live in Vancouver, B.C. and wet weather is almost everyday so leaks are really not acceptable.

    1. Hey Nicole – I am so sorry to see that you’ve had trouble with your boots!! Thankfully, they have stood behind their product with customer service and replaced them. I know I have heard similar issues with TOMS, but the customer service is great. Unfortunately, quality is hard to come, regardless, these days. Unless, of course, you are willing to pay primo prices for skilled artisan craftsmanship. At least with socially-conscientious, and especially fair trade, businesses you know that the front end suppliers are not taken advantage of and/or you have the get one-give one advantage. Otherwise, the cheaply made junk that no one benefits, or in some cases are harmed, I just don’t have time for that and can’t justify buying stuff like that any more. That’s how I look at it anyway! I’ll keep you posted on how my boots hold up, although I likely won’t be wearing them as often as you due to where I live. Thanks for taking the time to comment! xo, Brandi

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