Kickin’ Poverty with Kuna Kicks (guest review)

I started this blog with the hopes that I would be able to get my “crazy” friends to come along beside me and help a sister out occasionally. Because, let’s be honest, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I’m the foreman. I have good ideas but notoriously procrastinate or get started on something and leave it, only to realize weeks later that “oh yeah. I was totally working on that!” Thankfully, I do have amazing friends who have a heart for social justice and fair trade issues. (And they’re also cute!) I’m so thankful my friend, Shannon who blogs at, was able to put on her cape to save the day and help me out with a fab review of Teysha’s Kuna Kicks. (She is also a Mechanical Engineer and mother of FOUR. Hence the cape. Are you amazed that she made time for this??) Without further adieu…


I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

Well, not usually.  I’ve never won a contest in my life, but somehow I was lucky enough to win a pair of Kuna Kicks through a Facebook contest last November!  I’ve been rockin’ them almost every day since! Kuna Kicks are sold by a super cool company called Teysha, based in Austin, Texas.


Teysha is on a mission to improve lives and alleviate poverty through social entrepreneurship and economic empowerment!  They work with the indigenous Kuna women of Panama and Colombia to bring you gorgeous, authentic handmade shoes.


These shoes are definitely one-of-a-kind beautiful!!  Constructed of intricate hand stitched mola tapestries, each pair of shoes (actually each shoe itself!) is totally unique.


I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I got my Teysha box in the mail!  Just opening up the package, I had a great first impression. My shoes arrived in this really fun, reusable linen bag with the Teysha logo printed on the front.


And it was love at first sight when I saw my Kicks: they are bold and colorful, with layered fabric and obvious attention to detail!  I love how they look different from every angle!


These shoes are so comfy too!  I’ve heard others say that these shoes run true to size, however I usually like my ballet flats to fit snug, so I ended up ordering a half size down to make sure they fit like a glove.  I’ve worn them all over town… up and down the grocery store aisles, to the playground with the kids, to the mall, and around the house.  I’ve even worn them on a dance floor and on a recent trip to South Africa! No blisters and my feet were happy as could be!


And I’m happy as could be too, knowing that I’m part of a global community and connected to some amazing artisans in Central America.


You can snag your own pair of Kuna Kicks by visiting Teysha’s website and pre-ordering a pair of shoes from their Spring Reserve!

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