Buying hats. Changing lives. Krochet Kids Review




You might remember my Krochet Kids hat from my Roma Boots review


I bought their knitted hats for Christmas. I LOVED having these to open and gift. After the exchanging had gone down, we each pulled out the tags and I scanned the QR Code with my iPad and looked up each artisan that had crafted our hats.


(I linked this image to go directly to Aciro Rose’s page, the artisan who crafted my hat)

And we got to write back to them. To thank them, encourage them, and let them know that we hope and pray their dreams and ambitions come true. Just because we bought a hat. or a scarf. or a shirt.

As you know, I got one. The Lilly. I LOVE IT! It’s so comfortable, and definitely keeps the noggin warm. I got one for my husband. The Helm. He loves his too and he’s not a “hat” kind of guy. He likes it because it fits close to the head and he doesn’t look like he has horns protruding at the top. (Definitely a fashion no-no. You have to keep the horns completely under wraps. Lady Gaga is the only one fashionable enough to sport those.) I also got one from my son. The Thomas? (I think? Apparently this one is sold out!) I got him an adult sized hat because 1. he has a big head. always has been since birth. and 2. because, while I don’t mind paying more for fair trade, I still try to live frugally. And the adult hat will last longer. They have a few remaining super cute kids hats though (they had a much wider selection before Christmas. I’m sure they’re clearing out inventory for the Spring/Summer).  

Here’s my cutie wearing his. I still can’t believe I get to be his Mama.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Krochet Kids intl. wants to remind you how much they appreciate the love and support. For the next week only (thru 2/12/13) they will be offering FREE SHIPPING and A STICKER PACK in all orders! Plus, they’ll include a Valentine’s Day card to give to your special someone! Special note: If you want to receive your order by Valentine’s Day be sure to place your order by this Friday which is tomorrow! *


Thanks for reading!! xoxo


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