World Change is How They Roll… Sevenly Review (guest post)

is one of my (relatively) new favorite online sites for sweat shirts, tees, tanks, and sometimes bags. Everything is fair trade and assembled here in the US. I love their mission and way of increasing awareness of vital charities that don’t have budgets (or won’t USE budgets) to self-promote. There was a recent Forbes article on how Sevenly’s CEO, Dale Partridge, is changing the world, $7 at a time. He is only 28 years old. And he has a great story! Here’s their info graphic on how they came to be:

I have a few shirts that I purchased because I believe in the charity (and/or because I liked the design, but don’t tell anyone I made the decision based on something so superficial. 😉 ) My friend, and fellow Noonday Ambassador , Wynne, has been shopping Sevenly for a while. So when she said she could do a guest post, I was delighted! I love her blog and how she tackles life and many life-wrecking-topics over there. So, my friends, meet Wynne!



hi, I’m Wynne and I blog over at Gloriously Ruined. I have a passion for purchasing with purpose and it’s my honor to be here today to talk about one of my favorites: Sevenly!

Sevenly . because People Matter.

I love this social based lifestyle t-shirt company. I love them for many reasons. I love them because they connect people to a need. Two entrepreneurs started this company with the passion to lead a generation towards generosity.

Our generation is more giving, I would like to believe, and it continues to grow. Some of us know of amazing organizations to support, and some of us don’t. Sevenly helps bridge that gap by featuring 52  charities, one for every week of the year. So, I know that if you don’t know the charity, you might be wary of giving straight money. But…you just might buy a tshirt. And by buying that t-shirt you not only are supporting that charity financially, but you are spreading awareness about them. So really, besides donating money (for the purchase of the shirt), you are donating your social influence.

So really, it’s a win win. I love that model – other companies have used that model effectively. The first that comes to mind is the Mocha Club. Encouraging people to give up 2 mochas a month to help support efforts in Africa, it targets college kids who might not have money to give, but they have friends and people to join in their efforts and on their team to give up a mocha or two and in turn change the world.

changing the world , that’s what we are doing. Even if it’s just through buying a shirt. It doesn’t have to be just about buying a shirt – it’s about spreading awareness. And getting involved with the charity you bought the shirt from.

the inside of every Sevenly shirt tells you what charity the shirt supports, their website and usually scripture and/or a short word about what specifically your purchase of the shirt helped do. (that’s because we sometimes forget things. but in this case, it’s right there in the shirt. which I think is pretty cool.)

One thing I have come to appreciate in the fair trade world, is things that are on trend. The old model of “fair trade” was that it really wasn’t cute, but you bought it because it helped someone. But NOW fair trade or socially based companies are designing and creating things that are in style. Things people WANT.

I have never worn a Sevenly shirt without getting a compliment. I was wearing one today that says “all they need is love” and the lady at my kids’ doctor’s office asked me what it said and then gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up! Everyone loves an inspirational shirt – especially one that is designed beautifully.

So what you do is this: you sign up to get Sevenly’s emails. You’ll get an email every week (on Monday afternoon). You’ll likely want to (or maybe you do…) buy them each week (except for when you spend that summer in Ethiopia…). But seriously, sign up for their emails., go to bottom right of website, enter away.

You will be exposed to new charities and to ones that do something you are really passionate about (that week you want to buy all the designs). Every week they have a new charity & new designs. And every week they have girl & boy designs – usually 3 designs each, a sweatshirt (and sometimes a bag!). They have videos that talk about the fit of the shirts and how to style it. It’s really a super fun thing to be a part of. And soon you will walk into a room and you and two friends will all be rocking your Sevenly shirts talking about what charity they supported.

I will say, my favorite style is the summer razor back tank. And I love the flowy shirts. The V-necks run a little small, so if you are going for that maybe order a size up than normal! What are you waiting for? Get shopping !

do it. I dare you!


gloriously ruined ::

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