Handmade with Love – emiLime review (guest post)

So, Daylight Savings Time kind of stinks. When is it ever a good idea to lose an hour of life? (especially while sleeping??) I’m still off, but am working on a couple new posts. In the meantime, I’m having another guest post. Not only because I love these emiLime products so much, but also am thankful to my sweet friend, Lindsay, for sharing her review and heart for fair trade. 


Hi, i’m lindsay and I blog over at http://www.myvisionsofsugarplums.blogspot.com. I’m a physical therapist by training, but i also really enjoy designing/creating things, home decorating projects, reading, writing, outdoor adventures and traveling. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog and finding out about new, fun companies! So I just asked Brandi if I could post a review of my favorite emiLime pieces I’ve sported all winter long. Here are some of my favorites that I have been wearing out this season….and when I say “wearing out” I mean like “worn out”. I wear both of these items so much!!


All emiLime products are handmade in Peru through a collaboration with local artisans and emiLime owner and designer, Emily Green. Each product is fully traceable including where they source, what the products are made of, and who knits the items. I love this because it gives such a connection to the artsian. So many times we buy products never giving thought to the person that made our items and the process by which they were made. I want so badly to change that! The women who work for emiLime are able to incorporate knitting into their everyday lives and supplement their incomes with their earnings from knitting.




The purse is made from alpaca wool that has been woven on a loom. There are great leather handles that are so durable and oh so beautiful. The purse is very roomy with a snap closure. It has several inside pockets and one zippered pocket.


I wanted a basic color that would go with most anything I wear so I got the neutral color, but it comes it lots of other fun colors and even other styles!


This neck warmer has been a “go-to” for me this winter. It’s practical because it keeps me so so warm, but it’s also a great POP of color with a very basic outfit. It’s 100% alpaca which makes it super lightweight but really warm. It’s a little on the scratchy side on bare skin if you have sensitive skin, but if it’s cold enough for a neck warmer you’re probably putting it over other layers anyway. The attention to detail and skill of the artisans is apparent.


I also give their customer service 5 stars! Emily has always responded promptly and more than adequately with answering any questions I had and dealing with requests that came up.


Now, friends, don’t you want to indulge yourselves with a new purse? Or maybe scarf or neck warmer? I’ve heard that the weather for the remainder of March will be tumultuous and we could have more cold snaps. Alpaca is awesomely insulating, non-irritating, and soft. And I won’t even talk about how easy it is to justify a new purse or bag. (HINT: Mother’s Day will also be here before we know it!)

Go love and be loved today!


Brandi & {fashionable} friends


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