It should be history. But it’s not. Let’s pledge to END IT.

Are you wondering what’s with all the red X’s you may be seeing on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter? Did you miss a big party or did lots of people you know hit the bars last night? ūüôā Probably not. More than likely, you’re seeing people stand up and lend their voice to the #enditmovement to STOP MODERN DAY SLAVERY.

Chances are if you’re here, reading this blog, you know that slavery still exists. This is no surprise to most people. As a country, we officially ended slavery in 1860’s. But as a society, we are still enforcing it with act and deed by demanding the cheapest products, and make it available, like, yesterday.

I sometimes wish I could go back in time. Back when I could freely shop the malls without thinking about adding fuel to the raging fire of modern day slavery. But, once your eyes are opened? They’re opened. You’ve taken the infamous “red pill.” The one that takes you out of “The Matrix” and in to the reality that our consumerist-based society is feeding the¬†second largest¬†illegal industry (drug dealing takes first place).

Of course, you still have a choice. Maybe tackling an issue as big as 27,000,000 slaves overwhelms you? Maybe a number that big puts you into despondency? So you can remain the same or will you rise up? (The answer should be a no-brainer here!! EVERYONE can do SOMETHING!!)


Today, April 9th, is being lauded as a day to “SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY” You can¬†Join the Freedom Fighters. Pledge to END MODERN DAY SLAVERY. There’s lots of ways to do it! Check the fair trade fashionistas on instagram¬†and see what my daughter and I did this morning to lend a voice in this #enditmovement


Like my jewelry? Check out noonday collection for slave-free jewelry here. Image

The 3 year old princess decrees an end to modern day slavery.

Let’s #endit so she doesn’t have to!

Read these books.

Watch this video and resolve to BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD!

I TRULY believe that with education and lifestyle changes, we will see the end to modern day slavery.

Let’s do this!!


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