It’s Friday and I’m in L-O-V-E


boy is it ever a sign of my age that when I see the new TOMS ballet flats that old Cure song went through my head? (“Friday I’m in love” and I’m even hearing it with Rob Smith’s fabulous British accent. )

So, I KNOW that TOMS aren’t fair trade certified, but they are members of Fair Labor Association and strive to live up to high standards in their corporate responsibility including training for supply chain employees by a respected third party expert on the important topic of human trafficking and slavery prevention. Plus, their “one for one” strategy? BRILLIANCE! This way, I get to justify my expense to my husband by saying I technically purchased two pairs of shoes. One for myself and one for a child in need. And it satisfies that humanitarian in me too.

Also, I really am digging these new designs. I love my gray TOMS ballets that I’ve had for a year now, and I even think they’re comfortable. Although not many others who bought them did. Looks like they tweaked the design a bit. I really want to buy a pair. Which pair is your favorite?Image




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