Sseko sandals: a review (guest post)

Hey, hey, Friends! It’s been a little while and I really was trying  to get better at posting. So, I’ve had to recruit more friends. 🙂 This post is brought to you by my fabulously fair trade fashioned friend, April. She is a blogger, the Executive Director of One World Market, a non-profit Fair Trade store located on Ninth Street in Durham, NC, and a Sseko Signature Stylist – which is what I’ve asked her to highlight here today. These are some of my favorite sandals. Definitely a “go-to” staple for every summer wardrobe because you can make them into whatever kind of shoe you need! Check out what my girl has to say about these versatile fair trade must have’s and how you can put your best foot forward! (Sseko also has some amazing leather totes and clutches!)


Hello Fashionistas! I’m April Ravelli and I LOVE Fair Trade Fashion!

I’m so excited to be Guest Posting here, while The Fair Trade Fashionista is in Haiti, and I thought I would share more about one of my favorite Fair Trade groups: Sseko Designs.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.44.12 PMSseko Designs is a Fair Trade sandal company based in Uganda. They make beautiful leather sandals with interchangeable fabric straps that can be styled in hundreds of ways.


From changing the strap color to how you tie the straps, you can really make these sandals a reflection of your own personal style. In fact, I love these sandals so much, I became a Sseko Stylist!

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.47.21 PM

Being a Sseko Stylist basically means I get to share my love for Sseko Sandals with everyone! I create new ties for Sseko, test out new straps, and promote their amazing sandals through social media.

But even more important, I share the story behind Sseko sandals. An amazing story of hope and opportunity for young, Ugandan women.


The story of Sseko sandals begins with a simple fact: Each purchase of Sseko sandals supports Secondary Education for Ugandan women. Here’s how:
Sseko employs recent secondary school graduates for the nine month gap between secondary education and college, to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education.

These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war.
Sseko has graduated three classes of these superstar women, which is something to celebrate!


Adding to that celebration, the fact that EVERY woman who has graduated from Sseko is currently pursuing her college degree.
In addition to their university-bound team, Sseko also employs a full-time team of women from all walks of life.

By creating an environment of dignity, honor, creativity and dedication, Sseko Designs provides the opportunity for women in East Africa to end the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society.


Sseko sandals give us the opportunity to help support those women. The smiling faces featured above, and so many more.
In learning about Sseko and these amazing women, I truly formed a passion for these sandals and everything they represent. I am so proud to be a Sseko Stylist, and to share in the dream of a better future for women all over the world!

April Ravelli is the Executive Director of One World Market, a non-profit Fair Trade store located on Ninth Street in Durham, NC. One World Market works with Sseko Designs, and hundreds of other artisan groups around the globe. Their sole mission is to alleviate poverty in developing countries through the sale of amazing handmade products.
Read more about One World Market here.

3 thoughts on “Sseko sandals: a review (guest post)

  1. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story behind Sseko! My Sseko sandals are my absolute favourite pair of sandals. They are so versatile, compact and just plain awesome. I’ve had a pair for three years now and I still sind that whenever I wear them I get compliments on how fabulous they look!

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