happy feet: a feelgoodz flatz review (& discount code!)

Hey, hey fashionistas! Aside from October being the month I celebrate my wedding anniversary, birthday, and all things pumpkin, guess what else October has going for it?? 


How awesome that there’s a whole month dedicated to educating and advocating for fair trade practices!? I’m not going to make any promises on what I’m going to do here to celebrate… just know that I’m going to try to come up with ways commemorate this month. 

First up is a review and discount offering for some ethically sourced shoes made in Guatemala. Feelgoodz was birthed out of backpacking trip to Thailand by Kyle Berner. His goal was to create a conscious footwear brand for the bold, purposeful, and enlivened. Perhaps because he himself has traveled extensively, he has designed footwear that travels well, but also  works with their suppliers to empower them through meaningful, consistent work. I love knowing that Feelgoodz is paying above market wages to the groups they employ in Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Guatemala. In fact, the group that makes the shoes I review here were making $30 a month before they met Feelgoodz. Now, they are earning $260 per month and receive stipends to help pay for transportation to work. Can you imagine how drastically your life would change if you got over a 700% pay increase? 

Feelgoodz flatz are about the closest you can get to running around in your slippers while still looking cute and protecting your feet. These flatz, that come in two pattern choices, have been a staple in my wardrobe over the past month. (As has this Olive&Oak tunic made in the USA and my Noonday accessories, of course.) What I love about these shoes is that they’re comfortable, pack easily, go with most everything and, as already mentioned, they are made from handmade fabric that is ethically sourced from Cunen, Guatemala. They are pretty basic in design and do not offer extra arch support. My feet and legs do get tired if I’m standing around all day, but I’m not ready for orthopedic shoes yet! 😉




Here’s some other ideas for outfits. All clothing ideas are fairly traded and/or sweatshop free. Accessories by Noonday for the most part. These shoes can be dressed up (who needs uncomfortable heels?) or go completely casual.


Feelgoodz also have great flopz and sandals and softsocks – which are like slippers. And have choices for men as well as the ladies. They are sold in downtown Raleigh, NC at their store, or at Whole Foods and various other independent retailers. You can also SHOP ONLINE!! And, for all you fashionistas or fashionistos (? – men who like fashionable choices) you can head over now and save 20% off your order with the code: happyfeet So what are you waiting for? The flatz are only $39.99! I know you’re going to love them! The flatz run small! I had to go up one and a half sizes!!

Let me know if you buy!

In Style and Love. 



Feelgoodz did supply me with a pair of flatz free of charge for product review. 


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