Remnant Bags: a review

Hey hey my friends! I’m excited to share a guest post from one of my favorite, stylish, fair trade lovin’ North Carolina sisters, Beth. She recently bought a bag that she was so excited to share about, and I knew you’d love to see it and hear more about it too. Because, really, who doesn’t want to another bag (purse, hand bag, pocketbook, whatever you may call them)? Or at least take a look? You know you want to…


They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’d like to add that it takes a village to bring them home too. We see the beauty of this played out most through adoption when a couple steps out in faith and asks the church to partner with them in making it possible because let’s face it; adoption is by far one of the most expensive steps of faith anyone can make. I’m going to give each of you readers the opportunity to partner with a precious family who have taken this step in a minute, but first let me share some background.


Fashion is a powerful vehicle…with it we express ourselves and change our image. Most recently due to the fair trade movement, fashion has been given its most impressive influence of all. With one purchase, we advocate for something…a cause…a belief system…and cause a ripple effect that changes lives. When I spotted my very fashionable friend sporting a bag unlike I’d ever seen, I commented and asked where she got it. The craftsmanship of the product peaked my interest and blazed the way for her to tell me the story of Remnant. You can meet the owners/artisans for yourself here remnanthandmade

The bags handmade by Jen and Hal are truly amazing…their quality unmatched by anything I’ve seen in the fair trade market. The leather is of the highest quality and the fabric speaks of time and energy that will make it last far longer than most other brands. I fell in love with the Baja and couldn’t believe how much more I loved it in person than the picture I had set my heart on. The structure of the bag causes it to sit on its own and with two large interior pockets, my smartphone and keys won’t need to become a product of frustration as they sit lost in the bottom. If you can’t tell…I LOVE THIS BAG! Image

What I love most though is the fact that anytime I get a compliment on my stylish bag, I’m given the opportunity to share something I am passionate about. I get to talk about how much God loves us and has adopted us into His family through Jesus.  I get to share Jen and Hal’s story of choosing to walk the road of adoption and bring their daughter home.  And I get to invite them to become part of the village that is bringing their baby girl home because when you buy one of these bags, you are helping to fund that very process. Isn’t that exciting??? It’s amazing that simply making a purchase can give us the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. And if that isn’t enough to make you run over and purchase a bag, I’ll give you one last pic to convince you.  Thanks for reading and happy shopping!!!



It’s a gorgeous bag, Beth! I love the others they have in their shop too. And I love the leather KIN bracelets, which is a double wrap bracelet made from the same high quality veg tanned leather as the straps on their bags. Handmade with solid brass connections and stamped with the message ‘KIN’, it represents a reminder of an investment made in family. It would look super cute piled on with a few others for a great, meaningful arm party.

All of the profit from the purchase of this bracelet is given to fund adoptions. 



Another great find that is sustainable, using a good mix of recycled and new materials, and helping put orphans in families. If you are interested in learning more, check out remnanthandmade online here: And if you are in the North Carolina region and would like to learn more about how you can be The GOOD NEWS to orphans, the fatherless and at-risk kids, come out to an event I’m helping coordinate on November 2, from 4-6pm. Details are here at


In Style and Love,

Brandi and {fashionable} friends 



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