Get Connected {in Hope}: a fair trade scarf review and giveaway!

In honor of Fair Trade Month (and my upcoming birthday), I have a fairly traded scarf review and giveaway! The whole “one for me… one for you” thing works pretty well, I think. 🙂

I was recently contacted by Connected in Hope to help them get the word out about their amazing, fairly traded Ethiopian scarves. I checked them out online and they totally speak my love language – fair trade… orphan prevention… poverty alleviation… What’s not to love? I am more than happy to partner with them today and show you a few ways I’ve worn the fab Bethlehem scarf I received.

PicMonkey Collage

(shout out to my friend, April at glutenhatesme, for schooling me on beach waves!)


(gratuitous scarf and beach waves pics. I burned my finger accomplishing those waves.)

These scarves are great because they’re lightweight, hand loomed cotton. But they’re fairly (bahaha – pun not intended) wide and long! You can get an idea of that here:


(I’ve been in a funk for a while, but I really had a good time with this little photo shoot.)

The great thing about the weight of the scarf is you can easily wear it in the warmer climates or months, but there’s also a good amount of fabric to it so you can really bunch it up and tie it (like the center picture above) and it will provide ample warmth to your neck.

I also love that it can be dressed up a bit.


Your scarf will also come tagged with the name of the beautiful woman who created it. And Connected in Hope sees to it that you can connect with your artisan and send her a “thank you” for the job well done. Can you imagine how humbling it is to know someone on the other side of the world thought of you and appreciated the work you’ve done enough to take the time to thank you? (I kind of wish someone would do that for me. 🙂 )

Of course, what I love THE MOST is that this North Carolina-based, non-profit company is doing so much good in Ethiopia. The workers Connected in Hope employs are members of the Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association which aims to provide the women who collect fuel wood (and carry all 65 pounds of it on their backs) with alternative sources of income through teaching them skills such as weaving. What does a woman look like carrying 65 pounds of wood on her back, you might ask?

fuel wood carrier

Lord only knows how she is smiling doing this work? Pretty sure I couldn’t muster one… Especially considering that she likely earned $1 or less for a bundle this size.

But groups like Connected in Hope are changing things for these women – and for their children! By giving these ladies a sustainable income, steady safe work, and paying them a fair wage, these women are now full of hope for the future. And Connected in Hope helps provide education and preschool services for their children aged 6months-6years.

I encourage you to shop with purpose and head over and buy a scarf! The folks over there are so gracious, they will let the winner of this raffle (click here: CHOOSE ANY scarf available on their site. If you decide to shop, use code FTFFREE for FREE shipping!!

And if you really need inspiration on just how to tie these beauties when you get yours, join the other 20 MILLION VIEWERS and watch this great tutorial. So many ways to tie a scarf in less than 5 minutes.

Thanks for for reading!! Let’s get “Connected” and let us never forget:


In Style & Love.


Brandi and {fashionably world-changing} friends

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