What’s your vision? Warby Parker wants to make it fashionable, affordable and do good.

Hey friends! I’ve got a question for you today. What’s your vision like? I don’t mean that in a “how do you see the world” kind of way. (If you’re here and love fair trade like I do, you probably have a pretty healthy world view. ūüôā ) I mean it in the truest sense: your eye sight. I’ve been blessed with “perfect” vision, but I’ve always wanted¬†glasses. Is that weird? I’ve actually seen some people remove the lenses and just wear glasses frames, so I know I’m not the only one. This “corrective lens envy” has been going on for, I don’t know? 20 years? (And, yes, I’m sure if I HAD to wear them, I’d likely find them lacking the appeal they hold now.) Glasses seem to exude “smart” and “mature.” Add to that glasses give you a semi-permanent style statement affixed to YOUR FACE? And you understand some of this fixation I’ve had.

This totally random seeming post has a point. Last year while on this ongoing quest to “purchase with purpose” I found out about Warby Parker. Have you heard of them? They’re a rapidly growing BCorp who have a “one for one” model of moderately priced glasses. It’s a great because they not only make their glass affordable¬†(starting at $95 dollars for the pair including lenses!) but they make them¬†stylish¬† to boot! AND? With every pair purchased, they give a pair to eyes in need through one of their non-profit partners. This summer marked the 500,000th free pair given away! How can you not be impressed?

They have a few retail stores, but you can also purchase online. This helps keep prices down. Also? They’re so smart, they’ll send you 5 different frames to pick your pair, so you won’t have buyer’s remorse from this kind of online shopping (Free shipping both ways! I think more companies should institute this practice!). I’ve watched numbers of friends post pictures on Facebook trying on their Warby Parker frames, and asking for rankings on which one to get. (Color me jealous.)


My friend, photographer and fashionista, Laura, trying on her pairs for evaluation.


Her choice: Sims in Striped Sassafrass

Here’s what Laura says about her Warby Parker’s:

I discovered Warby Parker 3 years ago when they were featured on one of the first few videos posted by the lovely The Girls Glasses Show, and I’ve been faithfully following along with what the company has been doing since then. I’ve been a glasses wearer since I was 8 years old, and I don’t think I’ve every truly enjoyed wearing glasses until I got my first pair of Warby Parkers (in fact, I cried when the eye doctor told me I had to get glasses). The first thing that drew me to Warby Parker, is how different they are. They were the first online glasses store that I had heard of (that actually carried glasses I wanted to wear), and they provide glasses to those in need. I love when companies break the mold, and actually give instead of just being so profit focused. The second thing that got me excited about Warby Parker, was the free home try-ons. When your vision is as poor as mine is, trying on glasses at the eye doctor is no easy task. There’s so much pressure to pick out your frames that day, and when you can barely see what they look like without sticking your face a foot away from the mirror, I feel like I never picked the best possible pair. And then they were so expensive that I was stuck with them for the next couple of years. But with Warby Parker’s home try-ons, I get 5 pair shipped to my house and I get to try them on with different outfits, snap photos, and show them to friends for 5 days. Then I can return them and keep trying on all of the pairs that I want to see. Since they’re only $95 for most frames, I feel a little more freedom in being able to choose different pairs to suit my different fashions, and there are free returns and a super helpful customer service. They’ve already donated over half a million pairs of glasses world wide, and I can’t wait to see the impact that they continue to have on the world.

And now that Warby Parker is launching their Winter Collection of eyeglasses¬†today? One that they classify¬†“rustic meets modern”? “With six new shapes in five new colors, including two custom two-toned acetates, in addition to some of our most dependably stylish frames in cold-weather hues. ¬†All frames are $95, including prescription lenses.”¬†I must confess, I have corrective lens envy pretty bad.¬†Maybe I could justify them without prescription lenses? Accessories are important! I wonder if I looked¬†smart and mature, if I’d¬† feel smart and mature? (or at least smart. after celebrating my 35th birthday last week, I can do without “mature” I suppose.)

I think these would be my picks for my at-home try-ons (click through pic to go to Warby Parker’s site):



So what do you think? Prescription-less glasses a good fashion statement for me? Do these stylish, do good glasses make you wish you needed them too?

If you’re due for glasses soon, I highly suggest you give Warby Parker¬†a go of it! I’ve heard great things from my friends who’ve bought from them. They do not accept insurance, but will provide a receipt. Your insurance provider would likely pay you back at least in part, or maybe in full since these glasses are so reasonably priced! I love that Warby Parker¬†is providing a viable option for people who need glasses but don’t have lots of money to spend on them, and all with the bonus of providing a pair to someone in need.

In Style and Love,

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.18.21 PM

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