Thrifty Thursdays: Shopping your girlfriends’ closets



As you likely already know if you’ve stopped by here before, I {big puffy} heart fair trade. I don’t believe I should conform “to the world” and fair trade standards help set the bar higher for me and my family. But I have to tell you, I’ve had so many friends express disappointment when they’ve searched for fair trade products, clothing in particular, only to be disappointed that they can’t find what they need or can’t afford what they find. That can be frustrating! Oftentimes fairly traded pieces do cost a bit more because workers are paid more on the front end and most fair trade companies don’t have the capacity for mass production efforts (which help lower prices) that you find at big box type stores.

But I do believe in good financial stewardship! I used to think I was being a good steward of our finances by shopping sales at “fast fashion” retailers. It never had really dawned on me that the reason I could get a $25 for $7 was because the worker making it was paid pennies. For hours and hours of work. In excruciating circumstances. Now I try to really discern my motives for shopping/buying. (This can be difficult. Our society is so obsessed with excess and it’s really ingrained.) And I strive to make smarter choices when I do buy.

Being thrifty is cool, my friends. And fashion is truly at this point where if you really “own” what you’re wearing, it’s fashionable! You can mix prints, colors, styles. Truly, anything goes. So, I’m going to try to roll with Thrifty Thursdays as a theme here on the blog where my friends and I will help show you how you can wear things already in your closet, or shop your friends’ closets, shop insta-sales on Instagram, or coordinate a clothing swap within your community and you can still be fashionable! There’s also thrift stores and yard sales if these other things don’t work (these options are more labor intensive but so rewarding when you hit a major score!). These are all great solutions and ethical alternatives to fast fashion without having to shell out big bucks for fair trade clothes (or sacrifice style when fair trade fashion doesn’t measure up).

I recently started shopping my Noonday sisters’ closets. We have a private Facebook group we started simply because we knew we loved each other’s styles. And many of us are in the same season where we are reading books like Jen Hatmaker’s “7,” experiencing the call to declare mutiny on excess and clean out our closets (literally and figuratively), and/or fundraising for adoptions. We aren’t above selling the clothes off our backs to get children in families!

My point is this: I’d seen a divine poncho from one of my favorite fair trade stores, Indigenous:


Isn’t it LOVELY?! I can’t stand how much I want to make this mine. But I couldn’t justify the price: $315. even for my birthday…

Lo and behold if one of my Noonday girls posted this in our clothing swap:


Obviously, I made it mine. Is it a perfect substitute? Well, If I were to receive the Indigenous one as a gift, I wouldn’t turn it down. 😉 Otherwise, ask my husband! He’s of the philosophy that “a penny saved is a penny earned” – and I saved about 28,700 pennies.

So tell me. Do you insta-sale shop? Thrift? Yard sale? What’s been your biggest score?

Until next time!



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