Thrifty Thursday: Insta-sales and using your purchasing power for good


It’s still Thursday! Yay – I (barely) made it. I have a great post from my amazing friend, Nicole. She has already rocked the world in the less than 30 years she’s been on it. She founded her own cosmetics company and completed the World Race, an 11 month, 11 country missions trip that she says was the wildest (and most amazing) thing she’s done to date. And? She’s awesomely hot (an has the longest God-given eyelashes of anyone I’ve ever met. They rival Snuffy on Sesame Street)! See?


She’s sharing a little bit of her heart here today and how she is helping others use their purchasing power for good!


I heard about human trafficking for the first time several years ago. I had no idea that slavery still existed. I began devouring books to learn more about trafficking and wondering how I didn’t know this was still happening, despite slavery being illegal in nearly every country around the world.

Shortly after learning about trafficking, I found myself living overseas. I came face to face with the ‘statistics.’ I met countless men, women and children who had been affected by trafficking in some way. Their faces and stories are hard to forget.

I returned home to America only to be further confronted with the fact that not only does slavery exists overseas, but could be found in my own backyard. I wanted to get involved but was unsure how. One of the first things I started with was examining how I was contributing to human trafficking.

I was devastated to discover that many of my favorite clothing brands, foods and things I purchased were often made with slave labor. I began searching for alternatives, to buy things that were ethically made and paid people the way I believed they should be paid.

Finding these items was initially difficult and often more expensive than could fit my budget. While I knew that the higher price meant the person making it was being treated fairly, at times it simply was still too much for me to pay. As I researched some more, vintage and thrift shopping kept popping up as an answer that was ethical, environmentally friendly and budget conscious. Thrift shopping became a great answer because I could easily drive to a store in my area to pick things out without having to scour the Internet. Not only was I shopping ethically, because I was reusing clothes that had already been produced, but I also wasn’t filling landfills. I still love purchasing from some of my fair trade favorites, this has become a great way to shop too!

One of my newest obsessions is the way social media has met this need. Hello Instagram. I love following Insta Sales where I can shop recycled clothing without ever leaving my house. I love it so much; I’ve helped start shop myself.

For the past several years, I’ve worked with an incredible anti-trafficking ministry called Redeemed Ministries. We help fight domestic human trafficking and I work with women trapped in sex trafficking situations in Austin.

People often ask Redeemed if they take clothing donations, so a few friends and I decided to turn our love for ethical shopping into a way that we could help fund the amazing work Redeemed is helping end human trafficking in our city.

Check out Charity Closet, it’s a great way for you to shop ethically, give back and make some money in the process. We donate a portion of sales directly to Redeemed and give you a portion as well! You can follow us at @charitycloset on Instagram.


It’s becoming easier and easier to help change the world!! Go follow Charity Closet and you can search for lots of other hashtags on Instagram. #shopmycloset, #instasale, #igsale, #buymystuff are some great places to start. My recent new-to-me additions this week were some fabulously worn in cowboy boots – courtesy of Nicole herself. 🙂 I also shopped my own closet for this great velvet jacket I forgot I had and the lovely fair trade softness that’s the blanco y negro alpaca scarf from Noonday (it’s practically two scarves in one since it’s double sided/reversible!!).


Yippee Ki-yay!!

In Style and love,


7 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Insta-sales and using your purchasing power for good

    1. I have a friend who has done some consignment shopping recently and has a couple of jackets. She said she’ll post here as a guest. I might stop by a thrift store and see if I find anything good to contribute too. Thanks for extending the invite! What will I do to link up with you?

      1. Awesome! Just make sure you have Thrift Style Thursday in the title of the post and have everyone’s link at the end of the post. You can find them at the bottom of one of my posts. And let us know what your link is, so we can add it to our posts!

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