Thrift Style Thursday: The coat

Hey friends and fashionistas! I received an invitation or challenge last week with my Thrifty Thursday post to join a group of bloggers to post about Thrift Store Jackets. Zhenya at beingzhenya looks fab in her red coat. Mine isn’t nearly as stylish or dramatic, but I only stopped at one store and had less than 10 minutes to find something thanks to my mini-fashionista’s lunch demands. I found this Columbia jacket with a hood for $4.59. It’s in excellent condition and its light enough that I can wear layers underneath to warm it up. And all it needed was a little steam ironing!


I do think it’s important to note that just because we have to layer up to keep warm, you can still accessorize and dress up even the frumpiest of coats.

Here’s some ideas:

  • A bright and colorful scarf! My favorite on rotation right now is this infinity scarf from Noonday Collection. It can be doubled or tripled up for extra warmth. Bonus that it’s fairly traded alpaca which is one of the warmest natural fibers known to man! It’s not itchy and is a fine weave so it’s not HOT. I’ve worn it lots this Fall and didn’t need a jacket.
  • Hand warmers or gloves! I’m wearing these here. They’re great because I can still use my touch screen phone and easily buckle the aforementioned mini-fashionista into her car seat.
  • If it’s warm enough (and even if it’s not) – leave your jacket open and show off your accessories! Necklaces, belts, a great graphic top!
  • Wear some fabulous earrings!
  • Go crazy with a print or bold hued pant or leggings.
  • And another fave of mine: SHOES!! I just got these motorcycle boots I’m wearing in these pics (I had a great coupon). They are comfortable and warm and were great for this hike in the woods. I am seriously crushing over these boots from Teysha (you build your own!), these from Fortress of Inca, and I’m also digging these Nepal boots from TOMS. Maybe with the money I save thrifting I can put towards a shoe fund? 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Thrift Style Thursday: The coat

  1. Ooh, I love your Columbia jacket – so versatile!! And your styling with the scarf and accessories makes it so much fun! What a steal at under $5! 🙂
    ps. Welcome to Thrift Style Thursdays!!

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