Fair trade gift guide: for the Traveler


I hadn’t been a “world traveler” in almost a decade until this year… my passport had EXPIRED at the ripe age of 29. Thankfully, I was blessed to put TWO stamps in it this year after traveling to Haiti and Guatemala this summer. And I plan to add a whole lot more! So here are some ideas to buy that traveler in your life – or for yourself – even if it’s just the occasional trips over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go.


I got an unbelievable recycled huipil travel bag while in Guatemala. I cannot tell you how delighted I am that I was able to purchase one there. They’re quite a bit more expensive here, but I love having a unique bag that won’t look like all the others at the airport! Here are a few others:


Left – Nena&Co       |       Center – Estrella De Mar       |       Right – Amano Fair Trade


Left – The Abbott                       |                     Right – The Pike


Left – Andean Voyager full size back pack      |     Right – World Stock Fair Trade Moroccan Leather Duffle



Keeping Comfy Cozy


Left – Recycled Sari Throw  |  Middle L – Noonday’s Raw silk scarf  |  Middle R – Recycled Huipil Throw  |  Right – Alpaca Throw


For all your other comforts and needs


Left – Cruelty Free Leather Passport Cover           |           Right: Leather Passport Cover

I despise having checked baggage the looks like everyone else’s. These tags will help identify yours quickly!


Left – Recycled Plastic Luggage Tags  |  Right –  Leather Luggage Tags


Left – Remnant iPad Case | Middle L – Leather iPad Case | Middle R – Noonday’s Laptop Case | Right – Recycled Car Seat Laptop Case


Recycled Huipil Cosmetic Bag   |  Ugandan Waxcloth Travel Bag  |  Recycled Seat Belt Travel Bag  |  Mamafrica Cosmetic Bag


Left – Sleep Mask  | Middle L – Feelgoodz Soft Sockz  |  Middle R – Sole Mate Socks  |  R – Headphones


What are some of your “have to have” travel items? Are you inspired to travel now that you’re empowered with ways to fair trade it? 🙂




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