Blog train – Next stop: DEFINING PURPOSE

Hey hey fair-trade-loving friends! I assume that many of you reading are here today because of the Noonday blog train. If you’re a regular reader (if you’re not, you should become one!) and are wondering what this blog train business is about, it’s where Noonday Ambassadors band together in generosity, and I think we have over 40 of them going as we launch the new Spring Line. You should check out Krista’s post from yesterday and Paige will be coming up next. I hope you’ll come along as we blast the internet with Noonday love while sharing stories, hearts, and gifting stuff along the way.

I decided to write today about purpose, or as some call it “calling.” These are buzzwords I hear a lot. I don’t know if it’s because I’m entrenched in my mid-30’s (and so are many of my friends) ;), but it seems purpose is up for discussion in generations behind me and before me. It’s not just a mid-life crisis!

Noonday helped launch me in to mine, and I want to offer you some tips to define yours, encourage you to write it down and then pursue it at some point every day! I can’t lay any personal claim to many of the word here. I attended an awesome “Leading on Purpose” workshop at my church last March. It was led by my Pastor’s wife, Lynette Lewis. She is an international speaker, accomplished author, fashionista, and just got the title of “new mom” through an amazing testimony from God: twin girls (word to the wise: you’ll have to reapply your make up if you watch that link)!! I am so thankful for people, like Lynette, who so confidently walk in their purpose that they help many other women define their own.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Why am I here? What am I SUPPOSED to be doing? Is there some greater purpose that I’m supposed to be living right now? What are my dreams? (As a mother of two, I have definitely been in a place where I didn’t think I had any, mainly because I never got enough sleep to warrant actual dreaming) Maybe you feel like you’re wandering the wilderness season of your life right now… Maybe you know why you’re here but you’re afraid to write it down, to commit. Or maybe you have a God-sized dream that you worry makes you sound like an ego maniac and you won’t share it with anyone else for fear of who or what they may think you think you are (see how convoluted these things get?).

– To start the process of defining your purpose, Lynette says to ask yourself questions. Questions show your values. So ask yourself questions like “which of my abilities and giftings are most often noted and affirmed by those around me?” “what activities bring me the most joy?” and “What could I be passionate about doing for the next 10 years?” More than likely, if you were created for a reason, your heart will recognize it when you’re doing it.

– Then consider a list of action verbs and pick a few that most appeal to you and the answers to the questions up above. I’m sure you know what action verbs are and this probably isn’t the BEST list because it sounds more like we’re writing a resume. This is just to get you thinking:


(My words from the workshop were: empower, encourage, equip and restore – I apparently like “e” words).

– Now that you know what your values are, what makes you feel like you’re doing what you’re made for, and have identified a few key action words, you can figure out your purpose!! Even if you sincerely question whether you even have one! Or you may already feel like you’re sure of the why you’re here, but you should put it into words. It’s really cool to see your personal purpose statement and mission written down and being accountable to it.

– My PURPOSE is to ___________________ (word or phrase that indicates change…) Through, by, or with: (what you will do, your mission)

This is what mine sounds like:

My purpose is to empower and encourage consumers by equipping them with knowledge and awareness to make more conscientious choices in their day-to-day lives. I will do this by blogging, personal shopping, and advocating for vulnerable people through Noonday trunk shows.

It can even seem a little chicken vs. egg when you do this. Was my purpose and calling waiting all along or did Noonday create and launch that purpose? I can’t say for sure, and honestly, who cares? The fact that I am walking in purpose with my mind and heart focused helps not only myself, my family, my friends, but I hope it inspires others along the way to find theirs too.

I really believe in motivating you to sit down, put some thought in to this and commit to it by writing it down. So I’m giving away a $50 gift voucher to Noonday Collection to shop our fabulous Spring line! All you have to do is go here to enter:

Don’t forget to check out Paige‘s posting tomorrow! She’s a master story teller!!

In Style and Love,


27 thoughts on “Blog train – Next stop: DEFINING PURPOSE

  1. Right now, my purpose is to encourage my kids and husband in their faith, and to equip mamas in Uganda to do the same through The Mighty River Project.

  2. My purpose is to help educate people about environmentalism and how each decision one makes (no matter how small) affects many others that often fall into the category of ‘the least of these’.

  3. My current purpose is to create a home where Christ and love is at the center. To do my best to give my girls as many opportunities as possible to experience the love of their creator to allow Him to capture their hearts. To love my husband for who he is and what he does for our family and to take time to explore what my purpose is outside the home once my girls are older.

  4. Right now my purpose is to investigate career and education options now that my sons are all teens or young adults in order that I may discover a new direction to serve others and to grow in faith so that I can learn to empower and encourage others as well as build personal significance.

  5. My husband and I are working on redefining our purpose right now, after an unexpected job change, potential move, and change in season of life. Very timely post – thank you!!

  6. My purpose is to love God above all else, to follow His lead every moment of each day, and to love the ones around me along the way! 🙂

  7. wow, what a great post!!! i’ll be chewing on this for a while, but here goes my first draft 🙂

    My purpose is to love God and love others as best possible, with the true intent to be come more like Jesus. Through aiming to see others’ needs before my own, praying more for those I know and love, and working to share my resources (time, money, emotional support). Essentially, to get over myself and remember others more often.

    1. …. My first thoughts are: My purpose is to be more intentional in inspiring and loving my husband and children, and encouraging them to do the same, so that it spills out to our church family, our community, and so on.

  8. Crazy small world here. I follow Paige’s blog and have shopped Noonday with her before. I am following the blog train and came across your post. My family and I lived in Northern Virginia many years ago and had the pleasure of being members of Grace Covenant church. Our pastor Brett Fuller is dear friends and serves with Pastor Lewis and Lynette! What a dynamic couple. We have been out of the loop of things but am so glad to hear God doing amazing things in their lives.

    I am believing that God will use me in a way to bring Him glory. I am in my early 40’s and feel at times stuck. I am not in my 30’s any longer, yet feel 30 in my skin.
    I some times feel like I am a tweener. I know God has a plan for me and I waiting on Him.

  9. It’s hard to think about my purpose, as I’m in the early days of life with a newborn (and 3 older siblings). This post has definitely given me a lot to think about, and it’s nice to have something to focus on to keep me awake during those middle of the night feedings. Thanks!

  10. My purpose is to love Jesus and share his love with others! Right now, that means making new relationships and friendships, learning how to love my husband well, making purchases that build others up, and praying for opportunities to share his love with other people.

  11. My purpose is to be equipped by Jesus to be the best wife, friend, neighbor, and soon-to-be adoptive momma I can be. And to grow in my abilities every day!

  12. RIght now my purpose is to be a good Godly example while I am raising my young children…it is so easy to get caught up in the mundane events of every day but I need to focus on showing them Gods love through every little thing

  13. My purpose is to know Gods love for me and to love Him, and by living out of the overflow of that love I will love and nurture those around me especially neglected children, the poor in spirit and those considered the least of these.

  14. Well you got my brain turning and working. It is always good to stop and learn more about yourself and have a little “one on one with yourself” to grasp your purpose. My purpose is to educate myself on how to love our planet and communities and learn to make them a better place one step at a time.

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