The New Mama: Fashionable and Fair Trade minded

Hey my friends! I just want to let you know that I admire, so much, those of you who are actively making changes in your lifestyles to live a more “fair” life!! I love to hear when people are inspired to do things a little differently – especially when they are the primary influence over other, shall we say “impressional” people, like their own children. I thought today would be a good time to share this fabulous guest posting from my friend Lilly. She is a newly adoptive mama who is making it a priority to start her daughter off in the best possible way. Not only in caring for herself but for others simply by making conscientious choices. (And I’ve heard statistics about baby booms about 9 months after severe weather like much of the US has experienced this Winter, so…you could find yourself in need for baby goods sometime in the near future… Just sayin’ 😉 )

Hi there! My name’s Lilly, and I’m a blogger at Pancakes and Beet Juice, a newly adoptive mom and a fair trade fashionista in training thanks to some of the great companies Brandi shares for a fashionable, fair trade life! 
Bringing home a new baby is complicated and expensive, and while I wanted to make sure I was purchasing items that were practical and worked, I also hoped to find options that were made responsibly and potentially even worked to give the world a better future for my little girl. 
These awesome additions to my diaper bag have been practical, ethical and cute! 
Wren and Rumor swaddle blanket – This blanket is designed by a darling mom in Dallas who makes these swaddle and burp cloths from organic cotton. The first thing I did when Heidi was born was order a customized one with her name on it. It’s light weight enough to fold into our diaper bag easily and I get compliments wherever we go!
FEED Projects Diaper Bag – Lauren Bush Lauren was my first example of a fair trade fashionista, and I’ve been inspired by her and the cause movement ever since. This FEED x DKNY diaper bag has been great for all of the necessities. I love the changing pad, bottle pockets and the fact that my husband, Markus, isn’t afraid to carry it! I love that our new diaper bag also provides nutrient rich powder to one mother and child for a year. 
Honest Company diapers – I have loved these adorable and eco-friendly diapers for Heidi, but perhaps my favorite part is they show up every month at my door without me having to think about it! The diapers are super absorbent, made from plant based materials, made with fair trade labor in Mexico and give back to a multitude of child and family-focused charities. 
Dr. Smith’s Diaper Cream – This diaper cream keeps Heidi happy, is made from ingredients that I can actually pronounce and is made in San Antonio. This Texas secret is now available around the U.S. at Walgreen’s, and the company donates to the March of Dimes. 
Out of Print Pouch – It is never too early to foster the love of a great book with a little one! This Hungry Caterpillar pouch is Made in the U.S.A. and the perfect size for holding Heidi’s diapers so they’re not floating around her bag. The purchase of any item from this fun site for fair trade, fashionable bibliophiles creates a donation for Books for Africa. 
what have been some fair trade or conscientious items you’ve used with your baby? we’d love to hear!
In Style and Love,

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