International Women’s Day!

Good morning my fair trade loving amigos! My friend Shannon has some words of wisdom (and discounts!!) to share with us today on International Women’s Day. She’s one of my favorites, and I know you’ll love her too. She’s going to be a regular contributor here on the blog. Please read on!

Hi ladies (do we have any fashionisto’s out there?)!  Did you know that today is International Women’s Day?

ImageIWD started as a way to promote equality and suffrage (voting rights) for women in 1911. When you think of equality for women, you might think about how we should earn the same wages or be treated fairly in the workplace.  And we should.  But SO many women elsewhere in the world are fighting for so much more.  They’re fighting for their lives and the lives of their children. They’re seen as unworthy of love or care, unworthy of education, and unworthy of occupation.

As women here in the US, we have the opportunity to go to school (free!) from age 5-18.  We’re allowed to vote, we’re allowed to work outside of the home, and (for the most part) we’ll allowed to decide when and who we should marry.  We have a police station to call when a crime is committed against us, and we have reason to hope for justice.  Not to mention clean drinking, water, food, antibiotics… I could go on and on.

We have so much to celebrate!

But we demand the same for women everywhere, in every nation.

TODAY, on International Women’s Day, we link arms and stand together with our sisters all over the world, because that’s what they are: family.

We admire their courage, strength, and perseverance.

We applaud their ideas and skills.

We acknowledge that every woman deserves HOPE for a better future.

There’s no better way to celebrate today than to support fair trade companies that are creating opportunities for women who need them the most!  Employment is the key to a better life and is the catalyst to change an entire family’s future, and sometime even an entire community!  For those living in poverty, a sustainable job means basic needs can be taken care of: clean drinking water, food, education, and healthcare.  Not to mention self-esteem and pride and joy in the work the women are doing!


And guess what?  Several of our favorite fair trade fashion shops are offering discounts in honor of International Women’s Day!  So shop with the knowledge that your purchase is empowering a woman in Africa or India to change her story for GOOD!

Mata Traders – vintage inspired and artisan-made clothing – take 15% off with the exclusive code “fashionista”


Symbology – they make fair trade sexy while crafting a better world – Use the code womenrock at checkout between now and Saturday, March 8 to get $10 off any Symbology purchase!


Amani ya Juu – a women’s sewing reconciliation project in Africa – take 5% off with coupon code “WOMEN14”


Imagine Goods – Beautiful vintage-inspired clothing and home goods from Cambodia – save 15% off with the discount code “Women’s Day”

Happy Women’s Day and Happy Shopping!!

In Style & Love,


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