Imagine Goods: Classic, versatile style!

Happy {belated} Easter fair trade fashionistas!

We’re gearing up for Fashion Revolution Day over here (want to help? see below!) and SO excited about all of the discussion surrounding “fast fashion” lately.

What is fast fashion?

Wikipedia says: “Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly in order to capture current fashion trends.  These trends are designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current clothing styles at a lower price.”

You might be thinking “lower price? That sounds great!”  But the sad truth is that


 As Americans, we’re so used to being able to run out to the mall or outlet store and fill up our shopping bags with lots of clothes for very little money.  And when those trends go out of style in a month or so?  Well, just run out and buy some more!  Why not?  It’s cheap and easy!

The SLOW fashion movement aims to help us be more conscientious consumers.  To think about classic style over trendy style.  To ask questions about where our clothes come from and who made them.

Today I’m thrilled to feature a clothing company that is providing all of the right answers to the right questions!


Imagine Goods calls themselves a “Sustainable Supply Company”

—because we believe that when we buy a product, the cost of the item should be able to sustain every person connected to it with a living wage

How wonderful is that?  I LOVE how they genuinely care for the artisans in Cambodia who sew their clothing!  They’re committed to

creating products that care for the human race—giving opportunity for individuals to care for their children, families, and health. . . so that a new generation has a fighting chance to break the cycle of poverty.

PLUS- their skirts and dresses represent gorgeous, classic styles that will never go out of fashion!

My good friend (and Noonday Collection conference roomie!) Marijoy and I recently discovered that we had both bought the Lucy skirt!  (Of course we did, great minds think alike, right??)

What’s so great about this skirt is that it’s reversible!  So you get two skirts for the price of one (and the price is already very affordable in my opinion)!  We each purchased different fabrics so what you see below is the same skirt styled 4 different ways!


 Isn’t she lovely?

{accessories by Noonday Collection}


 Marijoy says this about her skirt: “I love the fabric and vintage style, very feminine.  I was really impressed with the quality of craftsmanship.  I got a medium and it fit really well [she’s 5’7″ and 140 for reference], and I really like that it’s adjustable.  And how fun that I get two skirts in one!  I choose which side depending on my mood.”


I loved the polka dot pattern on mine!  This skirt is just the right length and is flowy and fun!


 {shoes by The Root Collective, accessories by Noonday Collection}

ImageImagephotos by Dave Sweeney

I’m head over heels for my skirt from Imagine Goods!  I’m sure you’ll love anything you buy from them (they have really cute kids clothes too, as well as jackets for men, tablecloths for your kitchen, and adorable scarves and bags)!

AND- you can take 15% off your purchase between now and April 29th!  Just enter the code: Fair Trade Fashionistas when you check out!  Let us know what you buy!

Also, want to help us start a fashion revolution?  We’re planning something fun for Thursday and you can be a part of it!  Just take a photo with your clothing on inside out and send it to by Wednesday the 23rd.  It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing (no underwear please!), it’s just a symbolic act to increase awareness and promote discussion about who makes our clothes!  Join us!

In style & love,


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