One Mango Tree: Perfect summer shorts and other favorites!

My very first taste of fair trade, artisan-made clothing was from a little company known as One Mango Tree.  When that chili red mini dress showed up in my mailbox with a cute little tag about the ladies that sewed it, I was immediately addicted!

ImageAbout 2 years and countless fair trade purchases later, I still think of OMT first when I’m in need of something new to wear!

One Mango Tree is a sewing co-op in Northern Uganda that seeks to empower men and women there with vocational skills that they can use to gain employment and provide for their families.


There’s nothing like owning a piece of clothing that you know was handmade by someone and stitched with love!  And knowing that your purchase is improving the lives of others?  Even better.

ImageMy current favorite OMT piece is my Shirred Tunic, which I bought at AmaniDC!  I’ve been wearing this constantly because it looks great with leggings for cooler weather, or without when it’s warmer.  The shirring is super flattering and the organic cotton is so comfy!

ImageAnd of course, One Mango Tree looks great with Noonday Collection accessories!  Noonday has collaborated with OMT several times on different pieces.  Our heart and mission lines up perfectly: using fashion and design to create opportunity in Uganda and all over the world!

ImageIf you happen to live in the Washington DC area (or if you’re visiting), make sure to check out AmaniDC‘s store for lots of OMT clothes and plenty of other fair trade items from Africa!  The word on the street is that they have exclusive new OMT shorts in stock!  I need to get over there to check it out and report back.

I practically live in the two pairs of One Mango Tree shorts that I own right now!  They’re perfect for summer because they’re lightweight and colorful.

I asked my “little” sister to help me out with photos:

ImageThe fabric is locally sourced from markets in Uganda and is so unique- you won’t see everyone else in town in the same shorts!

ImagePlus? Both pairs are on SALE right now!  No excuse not to start your summer off right with some new fair trade clothes!

In style & love,


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