Do a Little Good: Wear a Scarf, Provide HOPE!

Hey fair trade fashionistas!

I’m not sure what the weather’s like where you are, but here in Maryland, temperatures are dropping and fall is in the air!!  Having just moved here from Florida earlier this year, I’m not quite used to the cold temps yet… and my first instinct is to run out and grab a scarf, put on jeans & boots, and bundle up!


all photos by Chelsea Hudson Photography

What if every time you put on a scarf in the morning, you were providing HOPE to someone who needs it most?

Instead of buying a scarf at the mall or Target this year, I’d love for you to consider purchasing a scarf (or four!) from this wonderful artisan group that I just learned about: it’s called Daughters of Hope.

Daughters of Hope is a fair trade, social enterprise based in South India that provides training and employment to impoverished women. Daughters provides not only a safe and healthy work environment, but provides family support in many ways through free childcare, free healthy lunches, savings plans, insurance, and much more.

The women that work at Daughters of Hope come from difficult backgrounds: most live below the poverty line, have been widowed, abandoned, abused, or exploited.  Most have little education or training, but they’re hired by DOH and provided with training and much more!


They create beautiful infinity scarves made from saris (traditional garments worn by women in southern Asia)- so each one is unique, soft, carries with it a beautiful story.  They also sew bags using the saris as accents and to make the straps!

My good friend Chelsea, of Do a Little Good (check out her blog post about one of the ladies at DOH), and I got together last week in downtown Annapolis to do some product shots of these gorgeous scarves and bags!


I was really impressed with the quality of these scarves!  I love all of the different patterns and colors!


Of course, I’m wearing my jade striped Root Collective flats.  Of course.  🙂

IMG_9973 IMG_0053

These are the straps I was telling you about!  They’re braided using strips of fabric from actual saris.  So neat!!

IMG_0047 IMG_0116

These scarves are perfect for casual, every day wear… or dressing up!  So light and easy to throw on.


All jewelry shown is Noonday Collection!  I love pairing accessories from companies with one common goal: to alleviate poverty and provide opportunities to artisans around the world!



This scarf: the colors!!  So vibrant and fun!


More braided straps and pops of color:

IMG_5349Okay, are you ready for the best news of all?  The scarves are only $12 each!  Because they’re made with upcycled saris, no two are alike.  They recommend you purchase them in groups of 2 or 3 so you have a variety of colors!  I honestly loved every single one that I tried on.

And make sure to check out the bags too… they’re really affordable as well and tell a great story with all of the sari accents!

Let’s change our shopping habits so that we’re buying products like these that give LIFE and HOPE!  We can all “do a little good” every day!  If you buy one, let us know what you get!

In style & love,


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